Welcome to my redesigned website!

Many pages will still have the old design, I haven't finished it all yet.

This is my own little place on the interwebz. I really just add whatever I want here. Mostly I update the blog, which I have been since March 2022 (not regularly until like a few months ago though, lol). As you can probably tell from the design of this site, I'm a huge fan of old software and hardware, mostly from   the late 90s and early 2010s (not a typo, I don't care about the 2000s, deal with it elemayo).

I also have a Weezer fanpage, because Weezer is the greatest band that ever lived. I haven't updated it  in quite a bit, but I'll go back eventually. I don't even know how I got off the track.

If you want to use the old sitemap to get around this place, you still can.

For an archive of the third version of my site, download this zip. Most CSS will be broken, since I used relative links. Have fun trying to fix it yourself.

For an archive of the second version of my site (which has the first version included in it anyway), download this zip. It will also probably have broken CSS.

Oh, and one last thing:

Trans rights.

If you don't agree with that, then get out of my website. Thanks!

Updated  6/20/23  10:56 AM