Actual Info About Me

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm currently in middle school (secondary school for all you non-Americans out there), and I've been a huge computer nerd ever since I learned how to read. I probably have ADHD (I'm self-diagnosed, but I'm surprised my psychiatrist never realized that because I have every single one of the symptoms, ex. I code this website during class instead of paying attention to the lesson constantly). I've been an honors student pretty much every semester/trimester/whatever-they're-calling-it-now since I got to the first year honor roll was a thing, and my favorite subject is music. No, I'm not a band kid, I picked chorus thank you very much. I've been programming/coding in some form since August 2018.

Gender: Male (pronouns: he/him)
Favorite game: Parappa the Rapper 2
Favorite color: Purple
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INTP-T / Logician
Ideas for what else to put: None
Now Playing: Velkommen