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The Nintendo But It's Super

Ah, the SNES. Source of some of the most beautiful pixel art the world has ever seen. The SNES was the first retro console I ever used, but because I was a dumb toddler, I have no idea where half of the games we had went they're all missing except for Mario World. All I remember is it was my mom's and I played Mortal Combat when I was like 6. Game list time.

  • Now for the games I own on 3DS/Wii U Virtual Console (yeah, i was one of the poor saps whose first real console they had to themselves was a wii u):

  • I'm planning on finding real actual original SNES copies of all of those games, except for X3 and Earthbound. Even though they're two of my favorite games of all time, they're also notoriously hard to track down for a price below several hundred dollars because they didn't sell well, so that's pretty much a lost cause. Otherwise, it shouldn't be too hard. Might just get a flashcart for Earthbound and X3 though, that would be the far easier option.

    DING DING DING DA DING DING DING, I have an update on Mega Man X3 and EarthBound. Local Game Shop has copies of both of them, but one is far more ridiculous than the other. There is a boxed copy of EarthBound for $150, which is a pretty reasonable price all things considered. But oh boy, here comes the atomic bomb. Mega Man X3 was also $150. So it was perfect boxed, or at least boxed in good condition, right? WRONG. So, so, wrong. Mega Man X3, for $150, in the game shop, was legitimately the worst-condition game cartridge I have ever seen in my life. I thought my Sonic 2 was bad, with the label part of the sticker peeled off. But this does not even come close. The sticker looked melted almost beyond recognition, and there were visible coffee/coke/pepsi/chocolate milk/some brown liquid stains on the cart itself! I wouldn't believe it even still functioned at all, if not for the store's policy of only stocking working games! I guess that settles it, then. I will probably never play Mega Man X3 on real hardware with a real SNES controller. Jury's still out on EarthBound though.