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Parappa the Rapper

Ah yes, my current hyperfixation, Prap da Wrap. When I first played these games, I was immediately entranced by it all. Everything seemed perfect in every way, and it was just such an experience. I played and replayed the main story modes of all three to 100% completion (except for one of them i'll get to that later though), I played endless hours of Parappa the Rapper 2's (and, begrudgingly, Um Jammer Lammy's) Vs. mode with my family and friends, and I even explored mods of the games and even modding the games myself. Every single day, stress comes in every way, but these games help relax that stress with their great compositions and just generally fun gameplay. I probably really, really annoy my friends with my shouts of "I gotta believe!" whenever it seems appropriate to me, but I am an actual idiot did you really expect me to be intelligent enough to not do that i am also an ace attorney fan and i yell objection all the time this is just who i am stop bullying me!!!!!!!!!. It really makes me mad that it's both the 25-year anniversary of the series and the 20-year anniversary of the last game in the series this year, and next year will be the 10-year anniversary of Parappa's last appearance in any game in an official capacity that isn't a remake! Pretty much all of the (alive) voice actors who have worked on the series have expressed support for the idea of a Parappa the Rapper 3, but Sony just won't let it happen! Sony Europe made an entire video of people talking about how Parappa was a huge inspiration for them and then just disappeared! SONY KNOWS THAT EVERYONE MISSES HIM BUT PARAPPA 2 FLOPPED SO HARD IN AMERICA TWENTY FREAKING YEARS AGO THAT EVEN THOUGH IT'S A CULT CLASSIC SERIES NOW PARAPPA 3 WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Come to think of it, this sounds eerily similar to the Mother 3 situation, except at least that game existed at all! Although I have a bias towards Nintendo when it comes to the games, the PS3 is the console I have the most nostalgia for! Sony gave me my first console gaming experience, but this is the exact reason why I wasn't a Sony kid! actually it's because nintendo has mostly better games but shh *sigh* Anyways, here are my favorite choons from all 3 games.

And here're the ones I hate:

I'm just neutral on the other ones. Yes, I do agree that Um Jammer Lammy is the low point of the three games, I really really do not like UJL at all it is so freaking bad. You have not truly known pain unless you were stuck on After-School Sale for the better part of an hour like I was. The stupid caterpillar saying "Now put these kids to sleep, will ya?" has been living rent-free in the back of my mind ever since I first played the game. I was actually able to beat the game with enough patience, however I still haven't beat Parappa 1. Full Tank is a pretty nice beat but I just cannot beat it. I've beaten every level with Cool over four times in Parapper 2 and I still can't pass level 5 of Prap 1.


most of these only have one rating bar because they're from saved replays

my first ever cool mode (which i ended up failing)

my first ever cool mode win (a month or two after the first entrance, i suck at this game lmao)


parappa is hung from the neck until dead in front of hundreds of spectators for using save states to obtain a cool ranking

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