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The Nintinty Intertintmint Sistim

While I wasn't part of the Greatest Generation (xennials), I do own the NES. I pretty much inherited my dad's NES collection when we found it in the same dusty closet as my dad's Genesis, it's also just as complicated as that situation. Except for Dr. Mario (which was still in the plastic tomb that is a forgotten NES's cartridge slot), all the games were in the basement, and because my grandpa got cats after my dad moved out, it's pretty much off-limits. My dad has asthma so he will keel the frick over if he so much as breathes in a room an animal has been in, and I don't have asthma but my nose pretty much explodes under those conditions as well, so the actual collection is trapped in the Cat Cellar Containing Collection Contamination until we visit my grandpa again. My mom also had an NES because who didn't in the late 80s, but my grandma is so much of a hoarder it's probably all lost in the pile of random garbage by now. Anyways, here're the games I actually do have, either from my mom seeing them at the local (read: an hour away from my house) retro game shop and getting nostalgic or it's just Dr. Mario.