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I have no idea what else to do, so I'm making this website. Have fun, I guess.

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Click here for games, because I've definitely got some. This is definitely not a jape, and I've definitely updated this in the past 4 months. ;)

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Click here for some stupid MIDIs for literally no reason anymore.

Shameless plugs time, here're my YouTube and my Twitch. Also, here's my brother's YouTube as well.

Here are a few things I didn't make that you should check out:

Here're the coolguy buttons for the real coolguys (also mine)psst these are just people i follow that have buttons

I screwed up the formatting somehow, yaaaaay.

I screwed up the formatting somehow, yaaaaay.I screwed up the formatting somehow, yaaaaay.buttonButtonbuttonbutton

I basically stole this cool blocky design that I use on most of my pages from some Bri'ish bloke called Couki, so check their site out too I guess. They haven't updated it in months but whatever.

Visit apple html for a step-by-step guide on choosing the optimal Apple.