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Phloppy Discks

I found a cache of floppy disks in my basement and I have recently obtained a USB floppy drive (not yet actually, it'll arrive by tuesday!). Why not post about the Wacky Zacky Slamacow Schmowzow Awesome Epic Pogchamp files from 1998 on 'em? Also, why not include Zip Disks too? I have a metric ton of those lying around as well, and if I can get a paralell-to-USB converter, I can just use an existing drive. Good times shall be had by all!

The Actual Disks

Unlabeled Diskette #1

Just a blank AT&T branded diskette. Nothing on it.

Unlabeled Diskette #2

Same thing as the last one, but TDK branded instead.

Unlabeled Diskette #3

A bunch of corrupt Word documents that make reference to images and such that don't exist. It doesn't help that I'm reading some of these with a Chromebook which doesn't even use drive letters anymore. Imation and Memorex branded Cool Disks diskette.

Microsoft DOS Disk 1 of 3

Yup, that sure is MS-DOS 6.22 disk 1, but copied to a generic TDK diskette. Don't copy that floppy, kids.


The only unreadable diskette in the stack. Whatever this once held has been lost to the ages.

Scot's Disc[sic]

An unbranded diskette, and with the label written directly on the plastic in absence of a paper sticker. It contains tons of old Word documents from when my dad was applying for his job back in 2004. There are also a few humorous BMPs of the Yankees baseball team. So this is what it's like at Jupiter's core, endless compression...

Final Lab Project

A couple Word documents and a metric ton of whatever the heck a CDX file is. If anyone knows how I can read those, shoot me a message. Memorex branded Cool Disks diskette.

Lab 13 Electrochem - Word - Excel Lab 14 - Excel

Electrochemistry Excel and Word documents that are from a Lab 13 and Lab 14. Probably something my mom did while she was training/learning to be a pharmacist. There isn't really much in the documents. Verbatim branded.

Microsoft Windows Graphical Environment Version 3.0 (Disks 1-7)

A legitimate copy of Windows 3.0. Too bad I can't really use it since neither VMware nor VirtualBox recognize my floppy drive, but once I get my smelly little hands on a retro computer I can go to town.

Microsoft Word for Windows (Disks 1-6)

Yeah, this sure is MS Word for Windows. Disk 2 and maybe more (I don't have the balls to check) are infected with the FORM virus, learned that the hard way. Apparently this was the first release of Word for Windows, and the MS Office programs were Apple exclusives for a while, which sounds really weird considering those two companies' history together.

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So this is what it's like at Jupiter's core, endless compression...