<bens-random-stuff> test test

<masonthemaster724> It's working!

<bens-random-stuff> kk

<lemonattax> oh wow this is cool

<bens-random-stuff> well that was weird

<lemonattax> yeah what even happened

<bens-random-stuff> apparently the system glitched or something

<masonthemaster724> Well I'm glad you got your website back.

<bens-random-stuff> the world could not live without daily buck bumble facts

<bens-random-stuff> anyways, should i add chat colors?

<masonthemaster724> Ooh, I want green!

<bens-random-stuff> ok did it

<masonthemaster724> Yay, thanks!

<lemonattax> can i have yellow

<lemonattax> oh

<bens-random-stuff> i guessed you'd want yellow

<lemonattax> so who do you want gone in tpot 2

<bens-random-stuff> pie is useless, she'd better be outta there

<lemonattax> pie hasnt done anything besides being rude and dying

<bens-random-stuff> idk why so many people like tree, he doesn't really do much either

<lemonattax> at least he's done more than pie has

<monkey-king> Hi guys

<bens-random-stuff> oh hey ryder

<bens-random-stuff> how do our conversations always die in like two seconds

<monkey-king> Yeah, it's weird

<bens-random-stuff> probably because we work better in person

<monkey-king> Exactly

<bens-random-stuff> so have any of you figured out the super secret yet?

<masonthemaster724> There's a super secret?

<bens-random-stuff> i put it in on like day 2 of the site, i might add more to the chain though

<monkey-king> Can I have a hint

<bens-random-stuff> check cookie clicker, there's a clue in there

<monkey-king> But you never made cookie clicker

<bens-random-stuff> there's still a clue in there

<monkey-king> How does that even work

<bens-random-stuff> if i told you, i'd have to kill you, and we can't show that in a game with this rating!

<monkey-king> Okay, I'll try to figure it out on my own

<bens-random-stuff> do NOT tell anyone how to find the super secret if you can manage to do it

<bens-random-stuff> yall figure it out yet?

<monkey-king> Yeah, I got to the apple page

<lemonattax> same

<bens-random-stuff> you didn't figure the whole thing out

<lemonattax> wait what

<bens-random-stuff> there's a broken-up link

<monkey-king> Where

<bens-random-stuff> on the apple page, you absolute sillyman

<monkey-king> Well I don't see any blue

<bens-random-stuff> it's not an actual link, there are letters i made slightly different

<bens-random-stuff> if you put em together you get another page

<lemonattax> oh ok

<bens-random-stuff> you've figured it out

<lemonattax> yeah i did

<bens-random-stuff> So anyways,

<bens-random-stuff> i've been feeling increasingly bored lately

<lemonattax> why

<bens-random-stuff> it just kinda feels like every day is just like the last, nothing new or interesting is happening

<lemonattax> well im coming to visit you today

<bens-random-stuff> oh yeah, almost forgot about that

<monkey-king> Wait, what

<bens-random-stuff> james's mom has to do something or other around 2pm so he's gonna hang out at my place for a few hours

<bens-random-stuff> this wasn't an organized thing, i promise i'm not excluding you ryder

<monkey-king> Understandable, have a nice day

<bens-random-stuff> you too!

<bens-random-stuff> sorry for closing the chat for so long, i really just forgot about it

<lemonattax> its ok

<bens-random-stuff> i've had no ideas for this site anyways

<masonthemaster724> Maybe you could do something else.

<bens-random-stuff> i am cookin up a mystery project on scratch but it's gonna take a long time

<lemonattax> give us a hint

<bens-random-stuff> it's a sequel

<lemonattax> what a good hint

<bens-random-stuff> ikr

<bens-random-stuff> seriously though, i've been having a hard time finding motivation to do most things besides school

<lemonattax> dang that sucks

<bens-random-stuff> hopefully i can get some of that sweet sweet motivation pie eventually though

<lemonattax> please never say sweet sweet motivation pie ever again

<bens-random-stuff> lol ok

<bens-random-stuff> it's been months

<lemonattax> yea its been a while hows it going

<bens-random-stuff> fine. i've got something pretty cool cooked up for your birthday

<lemonattax> what is it

<bens-random-stuff> as if i'd tell you before it actually happens

<bens-random-stuff> oh and before i forget, is ryder invited?

<lemonattax> why wouldnt he be

<bens-random-stuff> pog

<bens-random-stuff> why does isais like the pencil

<lemonattax> stop its not even funny anymore

<bens-random-stuff> ok ok

<bens-random-stuff> unless...

<lemonattax> no

<bens-random-stuff> fiiiiiiine...

<monkey-king> Wait what's the joke I still don't get why you guys are talking about Isais liking the pencil

<lemonattax> woah you added format options

<bens-random-stuff> isais won't tell me why he likes the pencil

<lemonattax> do not start talking about that again

<bens-random-stuff> ugh

<masonthemaster724> Is that a Friday Night Funkin' reference?!

<bens-random-stuff> why do you do this mason

<bens-random-stuff> aaaaanyways, should i add isais and tim to the gc

<lemonattax> if you add isais you'll just say "why do you like the pencil" over and over

<bens-random-stuff> good point

Sorry, chat is temporarily disabled.