Object Camps

If you've been in the Object Show community for any amount of time, you probably know about object camps. If you haven't been in the OSC, you poor soul, watch Battle for Dream Island for an introduction to the concept of object shows. A link's on the index. Anyways, I've been in several camps, so here're some chronicles of the adventures of my characters.

Camp Global Season 1

It's honestly really lucky I even got into CG. The camp was already full when I discovered it, but one of the participants had to quit during the first challenge, and I was swapped in. CG is one of those camps where you use your own OC instead of an existing character, so I signed up as my (and I hate myself so much for phrasing it like this) objectsona, Bottle Cap. I only made two good entries, and I never got first or even second in a single challenge, but I somehow ended up winning the whole thing! Everyone else who had signed up for the camp probably deserved to win 1000% more than I did, but I managed to pull off the final challenge, which was against the person with the best challenge average of the whole season, by virtue of my opponent not submitting an entry in time. I know, kind of a lame finale, but it's what happened. I somehow ended up with a ridiculous backstory for Bottle Cap that I'm about to copy verbatim from the Camp Global wiki (yes that is a real thing):

Bottle Cap was extremely sheltered as a small piece of plastic, and never came into contact with anything that could remotely be considered worrying or a threat. One day, Bottle Cap decided he had enough with his simple lifestyle and wanted to do something more, so he went to sign up for Camp Global. He barely missed the window, as 12 people had already signed up, leaving no space for Bottle Cap to join. He submitted his application anyway, as he hoped there could be an exception. Luckily, Inverted Rock quit the camp during the first challenge, and Bottle Cap was accepted. He became fast friends with Fly Token and GlitterBox, but due to his extreme sheltering until this point, Fly Token's elimination left him mentally damaged for the rest of the season. Bottle Cap later took therapy and has made a full recovery.

Yeah, it was pretty wild.

Camp Global Season 2

We do not speak of Terraria Diamond.

TPOT Recharged

This was the first camp I was ever in, and also the first one I ever won. It was based off of BFB, an existing object show, so no crappy OCs here. I signed up as Fries and had a great time. I got eliminated in my sleep because the host decided to do a lightning round and time zones are bad and dumb, but I ended up rejoining. Again, there were several other people who deserved to win more than I did, but through some finnicky rules and weird mistakes I was able to pick my opponent out of the two people who didn't win immunity in the final 3 challenge. Because of this obvious advantage, I was able to actually win, but only because my opponent wasn't the person who obviously would've won if it weren't for me deciding to eliminate them. They were popular and cool and would've been the co-host of S2 if it wasn't cancelled, and I also had to betray a few people I was genuinely friends with (we talked in VC and everything, it was great) so that I had a fighting chance. I was definitely the less popular candidate for winning because of all the bridges I burned, and I almost didn't win even after I had so obviously been handed the advantage. I did not deserve to win this camp, but at least I had a fun time doing it, and hey, it was my first attempt.