Daily Buck Bumble Fact

Buck Bumble Fact 1

Buck Bumble was created by Argonaut Games and published by Ubisoft.

Buck Bumble Fact 2

A special Rumble Pak created for the game, the Bumble Pak, was included with the game in the UK.

Buck Bumble Fact 3

There was a PS1 port in the works which would have removed most of the fog and increased texture quality, but the idea was scrapped before any progress was made.

Buck Bumble Fact 4

Buck Bumble is the only video game on any platform released in 1998 to have 3 Bs in the title.

Buck Bumble Fact 5

During mission 13 of Buck Bumble, the evil bees manage to construct a nuclear bomb and you are required to deactivate it.

Buck Bumble Fact 6

Buck Bumble is biologically a female bee, as he has a stinger. This makes him the second recorded transgender video game character, after Birdo.

Buck Bumble Fact 7

Argonaut Games was planning on making a sequel to Buck Bumble that would've been vastly different from the original. Taking inspiration from the soccer minigame in the original, the sequel would be a brutally difficult, M-rated American football game. It would've been called F#&%, Fumble.

Buck Bumble Fact 8

Buck Bumble was planned to be in the original Super Smash Bros, but he was pulled from the game. A full reveal trailer was planned for him when he was going to be a DLC fighter in Smash 4, but that plan was also canned due to Buck Bumble not being available for Wii U virtual console. The reveal line was going to be "Buck Bumble bumps to the bass!"

Buck Bumble Fact 9

Buck Bumble was originally planned to have a sidekick named Duck Dumble, who would've been a very dim-witted duck that would assist Buck. The idea was scrapped because ducks have nothing to do with bee warfare.

Buck Bumble Fact 10

The game's fog fell under harsh criticism when the game was released, but the creators defended it by stating the game was set in England, a notoriously foggy location.

Buck Bumble Fact 11

Buck Bumble takes place in the year 2010, but the lack of people and carelessness of the people in power make it seem an awful lot more like it takes place in 2020.

Buck Bumble Fact 12

The game was originally meant to be a flight game with planes and crap until it, and I quote, "evolved into a bee."

Buck Bumble Fact 13

The official genre that the developers stated the music fell under was Speed Garage.

Buck Bumble Fact 14

More people like Buzz Ball than the actual story mode because it's way too easy to beat.